Influx Group has successfully completed 10 Glorious years. We have overcome many obstacles and come a long way. We are completely focused towards a bright future and our goals are clearly set.

The Head Office situated at Pune is multistoried building which houses the entire backbone of the groupís day to day operations. Equipped with the latest technology and backend support we are committed to provide our customers the best at all times. The HO is also equipped with training halls equipped advanced facilities like OHP, PA system, etc. which can accommodate up to 200 people.

To mark the splendid occasion of the 10th Anniversary we have started a manufacturing facility (Our Own Factory). All our agricultural products are manufactured in our facility. This unit with a fully automatic machine is a state of the art facility and of world class standards. This facility has a manufacturing capacity of 50,000 litres per day (18 lac litres per annum).